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The team at OGGI take very seriously designing and executing excellent garden art and landscaping pieces. Our family company has been surrounded by artistic endeavour for many years. OGGI has as its main objective delivering to the Australian market the best of traditional quality and attention to detail, along with consistently excellent value.

For many years OGGI has built its reputation on a high standard of garden art, Water Features and Garden Fountains at very competitive prices. We understand the need for meeting our commitments on start and finishing times and the assurance of dependable, consistent craftsmanship.

The team at OGGI continually strives to provide a great range of products and service. In fact at any given time we are working on the next generation of OGGI designs. OGGI also has a dedicated delivery team to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

With each OGGI piece you receive excellent attention to detail along with many years of experience in the production of this wonderful range. OGGI believes that our finished product and professional standards will deliver you value that will last far beyond the few percent of savings found in compromised quality.

Outstanding Factory Direct Value

OGGI is committed to ensuring our customers enjoy traditional quality yet receive pricing based on high quality modern production facilities and equipment.

Great Range and Service

The team at OGGI are continually focusing on producing a range of products that will satisfy your landscape art needs while retaining the artistic integrity that you expect from an OGGI product.

Gifted Designers and Craftsmen

Our skilled craftsmen believe that the secret of your enjoyment and our success is based on solid commitment to quality and an uncompromising focus on world class design and artistry.

Investments That Last a Lifetime

Only the finest possible components and raw materials go into an OGGI piece so you can enjoy the look and style of your new OGGI garden art for a lifetime.