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Outdoor Water Features in Perth

A water feature could be one or more objects from our large choice of garden water fountains, outdoor spouts, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and much more.

Modern fountains are generally self-contained, and therefore they simply don’t need water for being plumbed in; it is re-cycled from either a pond or possibly a hidden tank, also referred to as a sump. This reservoir called a sump can be contained within the fountain, or hidden below the ground.

At Oggi Stonecraft, we have a range of quality garden fountains available. Stone is usually a popular finish due to its textured surface and its durability.

They can be placed anywhere in your outdoor area, near to your pound or pool. We always have a large selection of fountains in stock. We provide High quality products made with resistant materials designed for Perth weather conditions. Garden Features can be installed both outdoor or indoor and are generally found in almost every size, from a desktop fountain to a bigger interior cascade that protects a full wall in a modern building, and can be composed of a large number of materials such as stone, marble, chrome steel, polyester resin, or glass. The first thing to do to arranging your outdoor feature is always to seek the advice of a fountain installer, who would advise you on the best model suited for your building.

Our products can be found in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colours from outdoor fountains to small water garden spouts.

Garden Spouts

OGGI has a great range of Water Garden Spouts available in store. These Garden Spouts will look great. Made on the premises at OGGI STONECRAFT. MADE IN WA .Call us today on (08)93719191 to check the full range of Water Spouts.

Water Fountains

OGGI has a great range of Water Fountains in store .These Outdoor Water Fountains will look great around the home. Made on the Premises at OGGI STONECRAFT. MADE IN WA. Call us today on (08)93719191 to check the full range of Garden Fountains .